Paula Hayes - Nocturne of the Limax Maximus (2010)

"Inspired by the leopard slug, a hermaphroditic animal with mating rituals quite unique in the natural world. Two twine around each other to form a caduceus shape, then suspend themselves in mid-air from a long mucous string. The incandescent blue male organs of each emerge from the tops of their heads and, likewise, twine around the other’s to form a glowing orb that slowly morphs into a flowerlike form.”

I have one HSC trial exam left . It’s crazy , I’ve spent months stressing about them and by this time tomorrow they’re going to be over . I am so incredibly looking forward to watching a movie and not studying tomorrow night . Just have to get through one three hour exam and I don’t have to look at my study notes for at least a week until I have to start studying for the October HSC exams . Craziest ,best ,most relieving feeling ever. I can almost breathe again !